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We are alpine. But by no means rustic. We are city dwellers and in our hearts, or rather in our whole bodies, we have a mountaineer’s longing for the mountain. Is that a contradiction? Or is this very dichotomy our normality?

When we developed the new restaurant concept, we chose this polarity as our motto: to combine mountain and hub – mountain and business hot spot. To show ourselves as we are. People of this time. Gastronomes with the claim of a high-class Hilton level behind them. Hosts and chefs with a passion for the good and a commitment to grandchildren’s suitability.

For real. Clear. Mountain Hub.

I like to be in the middle of business, politics and society. And yet human. With the desire for earth, mountains, the scent of meadows and normality. The natural balance between work and life. That is our Mountain Hub.

As the largest airport in the Alpine region, Munich Airport is a hub. For many, their holiday begins or ends here, or they choose the Hilton as their domicile and set off from here for golfing, winter sports and hiking in the mountains. It’s the ideal place for adventurers, pioneers, tacklers, thinkers and innovators. From CEOs of world-famous companies to start-up newcomers. Stars, top athletes, scientists, influencers … take off and land here. Celebrities and unknowns. Small and big. People. Unique people. For them, we create the space for business meetings, talks, conferences and family celebrations or a chat among friends in our Mountain Hub. Authentic, kitsch-free and in keeping with the spirit of the times.

For my team in the service and kitchen and for me, no peak is too high, no valley too far.
We search the entire Alpine region for ingredients, producers and inspirations. Our dishes and drinks are a concentration on the essentials. This is how we create an ambience and culinary experiences that speak for themselves. Without unnecessary distractions, without frills. But always with the summit, the highest goal in mind.

After the period of renovation and the extraordinary events of the last few months, we look forward to seeing you. To our beloved regular guests from Munich and the surrounding area. And to our loyal Hilton guests from all over the world. We are eager to show you everything new. And above all, to see you back in good health!

And of course a warm welcome to every new guest who has now become curious about us! From now on:

Munich Airport – Summit break in the Mountain Hub.

Right next to the central area in the Hilton Munich Airport. And please: Keep your distance, but don’t be afraid of contact.

A warm welcome