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Stefan Barnhusen: A Cosmopolitan Chef

With the redesign of the restaurants at the Hilton Munich Airport, Stefan Barnhusen was recruited as head chef for the fine dining restaurant. In the Mountain Hub Gourmet, he has been creating his incomparable menus with uncompromising perfection for the discerning guests of the metropolis around Munich Airport since the reopening in 2020. His success proves him right and in a very short time he and his team have managed to win a Michelin star.

In the “Mountain Hub” concept, Stefan Barnhusen’s cuisine embodies the quintessence that emerges from the internationality of the airport. Here, the airport becomes the centre for freshness and short distances. Because: where is the connection to ingredients from all over the world more given than here at the airport? Where does the freshest fish from the Atlantic Ocean land? Exactly here is the hub. Here, quality comes fresh from the sea directly into the kitchen – and here it is immediately interpreted and presented for discerning gourmets.

A top chef for the discerning city dweller

Born in Westphalia, Stefan Barnhusen’s professional path took him to southern Germany to Lake Tegernsee and the Black Forest at an early age. After “travelling” all over the world, he most recently made a name for himself in Hamburg as head chef at the Jellyfish. The best prerequisites for bringing the “Hub” concept right to the point: to the culinary “Peak”.

Capturing the taste of a product and developing it to its fullest is the basic idea behind the detailed plates of Stefan Barnhusen and his very young and dedicated team. “We stick together and all get involved.” This is also how Stefan Barnhusen overcomes the distance that often exists between kitchen and service. “We are a team, because that’s the only way communication between us and the guest succeeds.” With this cohesion, unforgettable dishes are created at the highest level and arranged on the plates with precise ease.

Cosmopolitan. Inclusion of worlds.

The journey for guests at the Mountain Hub Gourmet begins with a culinary introduction and takes them on an eventful, culinary tour in 7 courses all the way to the sweet summit – in a consistent composition of design, aroma, texture and palate experience precisely coordinated.

Seasonality and freshness are crucial for Stefan Barnhusen: “We only process food when it is at the peak of its quality. Then exactly what our intention is is on the plate.” In this way, he and his sous chef Marcel Tauschek also manage to adapt a menu in a very short time if the food from the selected producers can no longer or not yet be delivered at short notice.

“All that inspires me are the flavours and the protagonist’s own character on the plate.” Stefan Barnhusen’s signature is to bring out these unmistakably in each course and to find the components that correspond in taste. Consistent, unpretentious and very elegant. It seems like a game: condensing a taste, accompanying or confronting it with other nuances or textures. All dishes are perfectly integrated into the sophisticated design of his seasonal menu sequence, which always manages to keep the guest in anticipation of the next course.

With this principle, Stefan Barnhusen maintains his place among the chef elite: in 2018, he had defended the star at Jellyfish in Hamburg as executive chef. His | oyster | is legendary. In 2022 – despite all the circumstances of the last two years – now the star for the Mountain Hub Gourmet at the Hilton Munich Airport. Munich and the world can look forward to his interpretation.

Stefan Barnhusen

Chef at the Mountain Hub Gourmet

March 2022 Michelin Star | Mountain Hub Gourmet @ Hilton Munich Airport
Executive Chef | Mountain Hub Gourmet @ Hilton Munich Airport
March 2019 Chef of the Month | Feinschmecker
2018-2019 one star in the Guide Michelin | Chef at Jellyfish Hamburg
Sous Chef | Christoph Rainer at Luce d’Oro | Elmau
Sous Chef | Dieter Müller Restaurants | MS Europa
Sous Chef | Gästehaus Klaus Erfort | Saarbrücken
various positions in star restaurants, such as the Überfahrt, Bareiss and Landhaus Scherrer