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Who doesn’t know Conrad Hilton’s legendary motto: “Be my Guest”?

More than ever, I may now quote this great, successful visionary and entrepreneur from the heart. I am delighted and honoured to welcome you as your host in the new Mountain Hub Gourmet at Hilton Munich Airport.

In the weeks and months of preparation, “Be my Guest” has shaped our line of vision: The focus on you, our guests. With which interior, which mood, which taste in the dishes and drinks can we show hospitality? How can we pick you up from the hustle and bustle of the city and the airport? Accompany you to the table and let you take a seat like at a picnic in the alpine meadow and yet offer first-class exclusivity and elegance?

“Designing for pleasure” begins with love and passion for the result.

We unpacked the “climbing gear” and the “crampons”: the Alpine region is full of passionate “creators” of food, ingredients, wines. We were on the road for you to find the best and most original. It starts with the choice of porcelain and ends with the dewy herb flowers on the espuma foam. There is a story behind everything. And we want you to experience it.

Stefan Barnhusen creates course after course in devoted detail. One “plate” more ingenious than the next. A composition of freshness, texture and umami. Virtuosic. And brutally consistent. Perfectionist. You can look forward to it!

Stefan Barnhusen’s menus tell the story of a feeling for life. Have you ever seen the Watzmann in the evening light? It would be comparable: The Watzmann, the Watzmann woman and the Watzmann children … Each dish a summit and all together an impressive menu sequence with coordinated highlights. Fascinating, demanding respect, broadening the horizon and, at the top, the sweet aftertaste of the desserts on the palate. A grouping of mountain peaks like a mountain massif. You get carried away – the best thing to do: leave your mountain boots in the boot and enjoy the summit moments at the Mountain Hub Gourmet.

The briefing from the chef and his crew spurs us on in the service to find the adequate presentation and wine accompaniment to chisel out even more what has been brought to the point in the kitchen. And I can promise you, we have a lot in the cellar. With tradition. And with wild modernity and subtle tones.

Summits can be this close: Munich Airport. In the tradition and ambition of a Hilton. In the urban, consistent lifestyle of the Alpine region.

I would like to welcome you to the Mountain Hub Gourmet


Johannes Gahberger


Johannes Gahberger

Maître Hangar 7 | Red Bull
Maître Restaurant Überfahrt| Seehotel Überfahrt
Maître EssZimmer| BMW World Munich
General Manager Fährhütte 14 | Seehotel Überfahrt